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“I wish I was home”, She said miserably. She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but some times she felt she was a little girl after all.”


Please don’t tell girls “The boy who’s picking on you actually just likes you”

Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t teach girls to respect that sort of affection.

And you should definitely not teach boys that expressing their attraction to women through violence and disrespect is ok.

Brand New // Limousine (MS Rebridge)

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im so angry the next generations will probably have virtual reality and alien contact and we have republicans and windows 8

    In the stares at school she learned how to hate herself. At the age of thirteen she took Dad’s razor to her hair, and within the hour they had whisked her to St Mungo’s and given her a potion that would make her pale-blonde tresses grow back at three times the speed. They hadn’t talked about it since, but Mum had made a habit of chaperoning haircuts.
    Teddy was on his tenth incarnation by the time she struck up the courage to ask about his Metamorphagus abilities (he was sixteen and had shaggy, forest-green hair at this point, and now counted five piercings on his chameleon-like body). 
    ‘There are limits,’ he told her. ‘Depends on how I’m feeling. Hair colour - dead easy. Gender? Not so much.’
    ‘Have you changed gender before?’ Victoire asked.
    He didn’t answer, only winked and turned the iris of his open eye a shocking, neon pink.
    Mum cried when she came home at sixteen with a ring through her nose. ‘It’s a phase,’ Dad kept saying. ‘She’ll grow out of it.’ 
    That night, she took a pair of scissors and delicately snipped a pinch of hair into the wastepaper basket, just because she needed to do something. It stopped her ripping the lot out with her hands.
    At eighteen she went with Teddy to a tattoo studio to watch him have the phases of the moon inked the length of his thigh (his seventh tattoo). That night they ate takeout on the floor of his flat and she asked him: ‘Teddy, what do you really look like?’
    ‘I don’t remember,’ he said. 
    Later on, he cut her hair for her.


Sophie Turner with Jenna Coleman, Richard Madden, and Matt Smith at Glastonbury [x]